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Picking Up Puppy
There are possible stresses involved for all puppies and dogs when they’re going to a new home.  To be prepared is key.  This is a very important time in your new puppy’s life and it is important to know how you can help make the transition as smooth as possible.  The following information should help you get ready for the big day!!  To prevent long-lasting negative associations with car rides, pet owners can follow some simple dog care information to make their new puppy as comfortable as possible.  With a little preparation, the excursion will turn out to be a fun family memory.  If possible when picking up the family’s new furry family member, plans should be made for one adult to drive and another to hold the puppy on her lap. Even though it’s not safe for dogs to travel outside a crate on a regular basis, an exception can be made for that first car ride home. To make the puppy feel secure, the pet owner can start out by holding him. The one holding the puppy should speak soothingly.  It’s important to remain calm and reassuring even if the puppy whimpers or cries.  For the driver’s part, it’s helpful to leave music low or off and to keep the driving smooth. Your puppy may get car sick on the way home. Watch for nose pointing toward the floor, wrinkled lips, and drooling.  Heaving is usually not too far behind.  Laying a towel below the puppy can make cleanup easier.  We do not feed the puppy or give water for at least 4 hours before their first ride home in order for the puppy not to get car sick.  That is one of the reasons we ask you to keep your scheduled time for picking up your puppy...we also need time to spend with other families when they are picking up their new puppy.  So when you get home with your new puppy offer food and water. The puppy will be ready to go potty around 10 to 20 minutes later. Most importantly enjoy and give your new furry family member lots of love and attention.  We also love for you to share updates and pictures with us whenever possible!!!